If you have paid the pertinent tuition and other fees in full or for any period longer than one month but you voluntarily and in writing withdraw from the

University, transfer to another university, go on Leave of Absence (LOA), or drop a subject you enrolled in within two (2) weeks after the beginning of classes, you shall be entitled to a refund of tuition and/or other fees based on the following schedule, in accordance with the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Institutions 2008 (Art. XX, Sec. 100):


For the semester:

Within the first (1st) week of of classes             75% refund

Within the second week                                   50% refund

After the second week                                     no refund


For the summer term:

On the first and second day of classes              75% refund

On the third day of classes                              20% refund

After the third day of classes                           no refund


This schedule will be followed whether or not you have attended classes. Refunds will be processed only after you have obtained the necessary clearance.

Refunds due to overpayment or overpayment resulting from a change in your academic load are credited toward subsequent enrollments. However, refunds may be reimbursed upon submission of a letter from your parent(s) or guardian.