General Guidelines

Registration is a preliminary step to enrollment and consists of choosing the subjects you want to take. Your registration in the University implicitly signifies your willingness to abide by all the rules and regulations of the University.


The following are general guidelines on registration and enrollment:

  1. Notices and announcements. Be sure to read all registration announcements and notices that are placed on the bulletin boards that are in various locations. Announcements are also posted on the UA&P website ( Specific registration procedures change from time to time in view of a continuing program to streamline these procedures. Please follow all instructions and observe all deadlines.
  2. Registration advisers. You are advised to consult with a registration adviser before the start of the registration period, especially if you have back subjects. This will facilitate theregistration process. Please contact the registration adviser’s office at the CAS Faculty Room, on the 7th floor of ACB. For EM students, consult your Year Level Coordinator at the School of Management, 6th floor of ACB.
  3. Registration Online. Effective the first semester of school year 2003-2004, students may register online. To avoid overloading the system, there are schedules for online registration. Please go to the UA&P website for announcements and instructions.
  4. Enrollment. You are considered officially enrolled only after registration and payment of tuition and other fees according to the chosen payment scheme. You may not attend a class unless you are officially enrolled in that class. If you do so, you will not be given any credits, even if you take the final examination.
  5. Modular Subjects. If you plan to take two modular subjects in one semester, the first of which is a prerequisite of the other, you must enlist in and pay for both subjects at the start of the semester. There is no mid-semester registration. If you enrolled in two modular subjects in one semester, underthe preceding paragraph, you will automatically be dropped from the second module if you fail the first module. The fees paid for the second module will be credited to your account. If you intend to enroll in one modular subject that starts during the second half of the semester, you should enlist and pay for the said modular subject at the start of the semester.
  6. Enrollment for a Subject Necessary to Obtain Credits. Only students who are officially enrolled are allowed to attend class and are given credits if they pass the course. Students whose names do not appear on the class list are presumed not to have enrolled for the class. Please consult the Registrar’s Office if you enrolled in a subject, but your name does not appear on the class list.
  7. Load Adjustments. Any irregularities in the semestral academic load resulting from back subjects, missing prerequisites, overloading, underloading, cross-enrollment, and audited subjects must first be cleared with the Registrar and approved by the CAS Assistant Dean or your Program Academic Director before you are allowed to register.