Shifting Specialization

You are allowed to change your field of specialization if you:

1. Have not been disqualified for any academic reasons; and
2. Have no disciplinary record.
Having met the above conditions, you should observe the following procedures:
1. Submit to the Registrar a written request noted by a parent or guardian.
2. The Registrar’s Office attaches the request to your transcript of records.
3. Get clearance from and the signature of the “releasing” Program Director.
4. Once the request has been approved by the “releasing” Program Director, get approval from the “accepting” Program Director.
5. Comply with all the requirements specified by the “accepting” Program Director.
6. The Registrar’s Office informs you of the results of the request.

Shifting of specializations is allowed only at the end of the semester and before the start of the semester.
The Registrar’s Office, in consultation with the Program Directors may, from time to time, issue specific guidelines to implement the above policies.