Financial aid grantees must render some hours of student assistantship in a unit of the University to which one may be assigned for one school year. The number of hours to be rendered depends on the percentage of the grant awarded to the student.
Student assistantship work shall be administered by the Office of Student Affairs in coordination with the other units of the University (for 1st to 3rd year students), and by the respective Graduate Schools of the grantees (for 4th and 5th year students). The relevant unit of the University shall give a report on each grantee’s performance to the Scholarship Committee at the end of each school year. The level of financial assistance you are given may be modified based on your performance as a student assistant.
Application procedures:

1. Fill out a Merit Scholarship/Financial Aid Form (which may be downloaded from the UA&P website: or obtained from the UA&P Accounting Office).
2. Submit the Merit Scholarship/Financial Aid Form together with the application for admission. The following documents must also be submitted:

• A letter addressed to the Scholarship Committee stating why the applicant should be considered for the Merit Scholarship or the Financial Aid program
• A clear photocopy of the most recent Income Tax Return of each parent and sibling (who are employed or self-employed) and the Tax Withheld on Compensation Certificates
• Certifications from the current employer of each employed parent and sibling on the annual gross income (breakdown); for those working on contractual basis, a copy of the employment contract stating the duration of the contract and compensation package

Note: The Financial Aid grant is open only to students whose family’s gross annual income is less than P500,000.00.

• For those who are not filing income tax returns (whether they are unemployed or self-employed with a business earning not more than Php100,000.00 annually, a certificate of tax exemption (which can be obtained from the BIR district office)
• Recommendation form (to be filled out by a teacher or counselor who knows the student and his/her family circumstances well)

Please make sure to complete all the requirements in order to facilitate the processing of your Merit Scholarship/Financial Aid application.
Deadline for submission of applications is on November 30.