Other Guidelines

Applicants for merit scholarship who were not previously awarded any grant may re-apply at the beginning of any school year during their stay at UA&P. You may apply for financial assistance at the beginning of any school year, even if you have been a previously paying student. The list of scholars and financial assistance grantees shall be finalized by the end of the summer term. Once the list of scholars is drawn up, late applicants who may fulfill the minimum conditions shall no longer be considered.

    To apply for or renew existing scholarships or financial assistance grants:


    Grantees shall sign a contract, signifying their willingness to abide by
the conditions of the grant (this would be done every school year before


1. Secure and fill out the financial assistance application form from the
Accounting Office
2. Submit application forms and all other requirements to the Scholarship
Committee (through the Admissions Office). The deadline for
submission of applications on February 28.

    Feel free to get in touch with the Office of Admissions at the Ground Floor of
ACB for further inquiries.