The Academic Code

 The school year is divided into two regular terms: the first and second semesters. The summer term is normally intended for remedial work and some required specialization subjects. The approved curriculum for the CAS program of study consists of a normal load of 21 academic units per semester.
One unit of credit for a lecture course is equivalent to one hour of class or recitation each week. One unit of credit for a laboratory course is equivalent to two or three hours of laboratory work per week.


Regular Load. When you register in the University, it is understood that you are enrolling for the regular load of the entire semester according to the normal schedule stipulated in your chosen program of study.

Underload. You may be allowed, for sufficient and valid reasons, to enroll in fewer units than the normal load, but in no case lower than the minimum load of 15 academic units.

Overload. You are ordinarily not allowed to go beyond the number of units stipulated per semester in your chosen program of study. However, seniors or graduating students may be permitted to overload in their last year in order to graduate with their class. Such overload requests are decided case-to-case.