Course Withdrawal

You may, with the permission of your teacher, and subsequently of the Assistant Dean
(for CAS subjects) or Program Director (for graduate level subjects), withdraw from any subject you enrolled in, provided, that the withdrawal is made within the period indicated in the University calendar, and provided further, that such withdrawal does not result in an academic load lower than 15 units.


To withdraw from a subject, you must:
    1. Pay P50.00 at the Accounting Office.
    2. Present the official receipt at the Registrar’s Office to secure a dropping form.
    3. Get the approval of the following persons in this order:
        a. Teacher-in-charge
        b. Department Head/Office of Academic Affairs (CAS)
        c. Registrar
    4. Leave the approved form with the Registrar’s Office for filing.

Requests for permitted withdrawals are entertained only from students who have not exceeded the number of absences allowed by the University in the pertinent subjects.
Until the request is officially granted, you must continue to attend classes of the subject from which you wish to withdraw. Otherwise, you may be given a failing mark due to absences.