Maximum Residency

You are allowed to course your curricula for the maximum number of years depending on the normal duration of your program.

Normal Program Duration                Maximum Residency
3 years (CAS curriculum)                     5 years
4 years (4-year program)                     6 years (inclusive of CAS)
5 years (5-year program)                     7 years (inclusive of CAS)

You will not be allowed to enroll if you have exceeded the maximum residency period.

A student’s residency in the University is inclusive of periods that he/she is on Leave of Absence (LOA) from the University.
If a student is enrolled in a five-year program but is not qualified to take the 5th year, or does not proceed to the 5th year for any reason, maximum residency is six years.
You cannot earn a degree should you exceed the maximum residency period. A diploma, therefore, will not be issued to you. You may, however, request for a certificate indicating the subjects you completed in the University.