Mandate to the CAS Student Body

    The College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Asia and the Pacific, through the Office of Student Affairs, mandates the student body to participate actively and responsibly in the management of the corporate vision of the institution. The areas of participation are stipulated as follows: all programs of formation, whether curricular, co-curricular, or extra-academic. Any further precision to this stipulation will be determined through subsequent agreements between official representatives of the student body and the College administration. The exercise of this mandate may be suspended during any period when the College judges that the mandate is not being fulfilled properly.

In particular, the student body is mandated to constitute for itself a government that will manage, regulate, and enforce such participation. This government will also be tasked with promoting a work ethic among the student body, based on the principle of solidarity that will allow such student participation.


The student body is also mandated to appoint a student council, acting as an advisory board to the College on the management of the corporate vision insofar as such management impinges on the common good of the student body.

The College reserves to itself the pronouncement nihil obstat on any law, decree or regulation passed by the student government.