Revised Student Dress Code

“Clothes reflect what we are. It is important to know what we are and come to terms with it.”

“Style is largely a matter of good manners. Good dressing reflects these good manners. And good manners are born of self-mastery.”

(Marta Castillo, Que la moda no te “incomode ,” Hacer Familia, 29 Sept. 2004)

Students may dress according to personal preference as long as they are in accordance with the following standards of decency, modesty, elegance, and propriety set by the University:

  1. Clothes should fit well. Tight clothing that may show tension or underwear lines is not allowed.
  2. Clothes must cover the torso and undergarments at all times.
  3. Sleeveless outfits and low cut necklines are not appropriate. Sleeves must fully cover at least 1/3 of the upper arm.
  4. Shoulders, back, and knees should be fully covered at all times.
  5. Designs on clothes must not contain, explicitly or implicitly, foul language, suggestive texts and texts with double meanings, suggestive and vulgar graphics.
  6. Ripped, torn, and tattered clothes are not allowed.
  7. Shorts (walking shorts/ corporate shorts) are not allowed except in designated areas – MPC, CAS 5th floor and the CAS fire exit stairwell.
  8. Please note that pants above the knees are considered shorts.
  9. For men: only full-length pants are allowed.
  10. For women, skirts and pants should cover the knees at all times. What is important is that, when seated, the hem of the skirt or pants should fall on top of the knees. Slits should not go higher than 3 inches above the back and side of the knees.
  11. Slippers and slip-ons (bare-heeled and flat, open or close-toed) are not allowed. Flat footwear, open or close-toed, with back and ankle straps, as well as closed shoes, are allowed. Footwear (open or close-toed) without back and ankle straps are allowed provided they have at least one-inch heels.
  12. Cross-dressing is not allowed.

Students who are not dressed in accordance with the above guidelines will be prohibited by the guard(s) on duty from entering the campus.

Teachers will also automatically disallow such students inside the classrooms.

The pertinent provisions in the Student Code of Conduct on non-adherence to the Dress Code will be enforced.