Requiring the students to wear their student ID’s upon entering and at all times while within school premises allows the University to better enforce campus security which is a pressing need because the University remains open to guests and because its student population is growing considerably. The wearing of ID’s, therefore, is a practice that will allow the University to exercise a modicum of control over the presence and decorum of persons within the University premises as well as ensure their personal safety.

Implementing Guidelines

  1. A currently enrolled student of the University is required to wear a properly validated UA&P ID at all times - i.e., upon entering and while within the University’s premises – and to present his ID to the proper school authorities whenever he is requested to do so. As a corollary, any person who is not a currently enrolled student or an employee of the University shall be required to present the necessary credentials at the University entrance(s) and will be issued a Guest ID, which he must wear at all times while inside the premises.
  2. The proper school authorities shall include security personnel, faculty members, and administrative staff of the University. Any of these persons may either call a student’s attention if he observes that a student is not wearing his ID or request the student to present his ID at various points on campus, including but not limited to the campus and building entrances. They may also do the same on other occasions – particularly if there is apparent disciplinary or administrative incident – if they have reasonable grounds for establishing the student’s credentials, or if the student is requesting access to a particular facility or service.
  3. Any student who fails to wear his ID or present it to any person in authority who asks for or requires it shall be disallowed access to the particular facility or service or entry into the University. In the latter case, access to the University premises may be allowed only if the student secures a Student Pass from the Security Office or a Temporary ID from the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Sanctions for Non-Compliance. Non compliance with this policy is categorized as a Type D offense (misdemeanor) under the existing Student Disciplinary Code…Other offenses related to this policy (e.g., student ID’s without a properly validated signature, forged passes or ID’s, using somebody else’s ID, willfully allowing somebody else to use one’s ID, refusal to comply with properly issued directives) are subject to the appropriate sanctions in the Student Disciplinary Code.