Student Communication

The proper and timely articulation of University policies and procedures is crucial to making student life more fruitful. OSA provides regular student communications to ensure that you are informed, updated, or reminded about existing, recently approved, or revised policies and procedures. This is achieved by posting announcements on the UA&P website (, on various bulletin boards or distributing the announcements by personal delivery when necessary.

You may also take advantage of this service to post or circulate your own announcements and other promotional materials to the rest of the student body and the University community. Announcements and promotional materials may be posted on the bulletin boards located at the 1st and 3rd floors of the CAS building, with the approval of OSA. The EM bulletin boards are located at the 6th floor of ACB and on the ground floor of the CAS building. If you wish to post an announcement on the EM bulletin boards, you must also obtain approval from the EMP office at the 6th floor of ACB. Other inquiries may be directed to the OSA office at the 4th landing of the ACB (see p. 78 for more information on posting guidelines and venues.)