Student Life


Every student who has gone through a fruitful university experience knows that a student’s life extends beyond the academic course of studies. The diploma you receive at the end of your university journey is more than an academic degree – it symbolizes a kind of fulfillment, not only of your academic requirements, but also of an important stage in your life. 

The campus atmosphere that the University provides for its students exercises a decisive influence that extends beyond lectures, classes, or the laboratory. In its commitment to give you a quality education, the University relies on its excellent educational resources. It also relies, however, on several non- academic venues in which the development of values, character, creativity, and leadership skills is given adequate attention. 

These venues—student services, student activities, and student discipline  provide students with their basic needs, as well as ample opportunity for outside-the-classroom development in the virtues associated with the perfection of the human person through work and relations with others.