The University’s Founding President, Jesus P. Estanislao, envisioned Kultura to be both a home for the community’s creative talents as well as a coordinating body for the University’s cultural and artistic events. It eventually aims to be a hub of cultural and artistic activity in the Pasig area and other surrounding communities.

Since its creation in 1995, Kultura has produced numerous plays, concerts, exhibits, workshops, and other arts-related activities. These events emphasize the significant role the arts play in liberal education. Art has a tremendous potential to instill values, not only in the audience, but also in those who participate in the productions themselves. Thus, Kultura differs from other arts programs in that it prioritizes values formation, and consequently people development, through the arts, over mere spectacle and entertainment. At the same time, it relentlessly strives for artistic excellence in all its endeavors.

In the latter half of the year 2000, Kultura was placed under the ambit of the Office of Student Affairs. This move has allowed Kultura to focus on student development by being one of the major proponents of the Student Volunteer Program (SVP). Thus, every year, with the cooperation of student volunteers, it produces a varied arts season for the benefit of the University community.

Kultura also oversees the activities of the UA&P Chorale, the University’s resident choral ensemble. The UA&P Chorale is open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Through its arts events, enrichment workshops, and summer extension arts clinic, Kultura aims to expose students to creative ways of spending their leisure time, promote values through the arts, promote the significant role that practice in and exposure to the arts can play in one’s holistic formation, and provide venues for the development and display of artistic talent in the University community. To inquire about or volunteer for Kultura, please drop by the OSA Office at the 1st floor landing of ACB.