Student Volunteer Projects

A series of projects is available to you through the three desks mentioned above. These projects are called student volunteer projects (SVPs) precisely because they encourage voluntary student participation. The project options are based on institutional thrusts and bear the distinct mark of school tradition. Hence, your intended participation in these projects provides you with hands-on experience in the building of tradition and in the development of a pioneering spirit valuable to our young and growing university community.

Each volunteer project is assigned a project moderator whose primary task is to guide the student volunteers in the management of the project. The project moderator is also there to make sure that you take advantage of the formative opportunities found in each of the projects. These include:

  1. Effective action in teamwork;
  2. The application of leadership skills;
  3. The application of the basics of project management;
  4. The application of institutional core values—integrity, solidarity, discipline, universality, and enterprise—in relation to work; and
  5. The application of communication skills.

For inquiries about Civics, Kultura, and SportsDev volunteer projects, please visit the OSA Office at the 1st floor landing of ACB.