Reservations can be made only for rooms not yet scheduled to be used for academic subjects. Venues are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis. Though certain unscheduled activities—such as seminars with invited speakers or make-up classes—may supplant a previous reservation, the latter will be relocated whenever possible.

Function room reservations should be made with the desk officer at the Reservations Office of the AFM at the ACB 3rd floor landing.

The Reservations Office should also be informed three school days beforehand about special arrangements (e.g., tables, plants, etc.) and equipment to be used (e.g., TV, VHS player, overhead projector, etc.). Ideally, for big activities that require more preparation, it is best to make a reservation at least one month before the activity.

The use of props and rented equipment brought in from outside the University for specific projects must be cleared with the Reservations Office and Property Section. These should be brought out within 24 hours of the end of the activity. Secure a gate pass from the POSS before you bring in props and rented equipment. Leave the pass with the guard. The same pass will be used to check the props and equipment when you bring them out.

More specific guidelines on the use and reservation of school facilities and equipment may be obtained from AFM or OSA.