Permission to hold the event

  1. A written proposal—prepared and signed by the project head (and noted by the organization moderator or school/unit head)—should be submitted to OSA for approval and recommendation at least one month before the event is to be held. The proposal must take into consideration AFMG’s guidelines on reservations, security, gate pass, charges, and strike down.
  2. Classical/mellow concerts and open dining are appropriately held at the CAS Garden, while all other events should be at the MPC.
  3. Organizers of events that are attended by a large number of people (from within and/or outside the University), generate noise (concerts, sporting events, and similar events), and attract non-members of the University are particularly cautioned against generating too much noise or marketing the event to non-UA&P students/individuals/groups (for security reasons). The organizer must also propose a noise reduction and security plan. Consultations regarding these conditions are held between the organizers and OSA.
  4. Once the event has been approved, the organizers and the University sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). This binds the organizers to the rules and regulations stated in this policy and to other University policies.
  5. A letter to OCAI informing them about the event is prepared, signed, and sent by OSA whenever it is required.