Product Sampling and Advertising/Eating in the MPC

  1. Events are primarily subject to AFM and MPC rules.
  2. Leafleting, product sampling (food and non-edible products), and advertising are allowed only during the event. Equipment needed for the sampling should be cleared with FMU.
  3. Food selling and eating are allowed only during the event and in an area specified by OSA.
  4. Organizers must install additional biodegradable and nonbiodegradable trash bins in anticipation of a large amount of trash. The organizers are also expected to clean up after the event.
  5. Sponsors who wish to put up their booths for a longer duration have to secure permission from OSA through the organizers. AFM regulations automatically apply.
  6. While alcoholic beverage companies and tobacco companies are allowed to sponsor events, they may not provide samples or sell their products at any time.