1. All University regulations (on such matters as dress code, smoking, eating, and drinking) apply even if the event is held after classes. They also apply to non-UA&P participants.
  2. Tickets to allow entry to the venue of the event must be produced. Entrances should be defined, and restricted areas must be cordoned off and guarded.
  3. Non-compliance of guests with the University’s regulations is ground for expulsion from the University premises.
  4. Both organizers and the security force regulate access to restrooms and to other areas within the University.
  5. Events that promote violence or inappropriate behavior, and those that attract a rowdy and boisterous crowd are not allowed.
  6. Alcohol may not be brought in, and individuals under the influence of alcohol are refused entry to or are expelled from the University grounds.
  7. Weapons are not allowed inside the University grounds. Security personnel may conduct a security check for this.
  8. The University security group may be supported by the organizers’ own security to implement University regulations. Peace and order should be made their responsibility as well. This is made explicit in the contract.