Classification of Offenses

Type B: Offenses Punishable by Suspension or Exclusion, as may be called for by the gravity thereof:

  1. Membership in or participation in the activities of a fraternity or sorority (see Appendix on Fraternities and Sororities)
  2. Unauthorized use of the name of the University or of an official, faculty member, or personnel thereof
  3. Threats to/ disrespect of a University official, faculty member, or personnel
  4. Theft of University, or other private property
  5. Vandalism of University property
  6. Possession of firearms, or other deadly weapons or explosives, within University premises or during University functions or activities
  7. Unauthorized possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages within University premises, and/or entering University premises under the influence of alcohol
  8. Misbehavior in class, during examinations, in the Library, or other University premises. Misbehavior during examinations automatically merits a failing mark in the exercise. Members of the teaching staff are persons in authority. They may report offenses committed in their presence to the proper authority so that the proper sanctions aside from the failing mark may be imposed after due process.
  9. Disruption of classes
  10. Physical disturbance or scandal, or engaging in a physical fight
  11. Bringing into campus pornographic material, or other pornographic media or representations thereof, whether in printed or electronic form
  12. Sexual misconduct, lewd or indecent behavior, or sexual harassment (see Appendix on Sexual Harassment)
  13. Providing false information in any form to University officials, including but not limited to the following: forgery, falsification, or tampering with academic or official documents of any kind; intentionally making a false statement or misrepresentation of any material fact; giving false testimony; and/or practicing or attempting to perpetrate any fraudulent act, deception, or misrepresentation in connection with one’s admission, enrollment, advancement, graduation or other participation or involvement in any other University undertaking, function, or activity including deceit or misrepresentation at examinations or other academic exercises
  14. Libelous publications or utterances
  15. Bribery, influence peddling
  16. Gambling
  17. Violation of disciplinary or administrative sanctions and restrictions
  18. Willful failure, disruption, or refusal to comply with disciplinary and other University rules or procedures, or other directives, verbal or written, from the University

Type A: Offenses Punishable with Exclusion

  1. Possession, use, or trafficking of prohibited drugs (see Appendix on Dangerous Drugs Act)
  2. Assault, physical or verbal, against a University official, faculty member, or personnel
  3. Hazing
  • Hazing is any rite, practice, or activity conducted for the purpose of admission to membership in an organization, employing acts that expose or subject the applicant to physical or psychological suffering or injury. It is a serious affront against the dignity of a person. Participation in such activity, within or outside University premises, is a cause for dismissal (see Appendix on Hazing).

Type C: Cheating or Plagiarism

1st Offense: Automatic failing grade in the exercise and formal warning from OSA

2nd Offense: Dismissal (see Appendix on Cheating and Plagiarism)

Type D: Offenses Meriting Warning or Suspension

  1. Violations of the University Dress Code
  2. Violations of the University’s No Smoking Policy.
  3. Violations of the University’s Student ID Policy.
  4. Other misdemeanors or unbecoming conduct on University premises
  5. Unexplained and/or disruptive loitering (see section on Loitering below)