On Cheating and Plagirism

Preparation of Papers and Other Work: Plagiarism and Collaboration

    All work submitted – homework assignments, papers, examinations – is expected to be the student’s own work. Students should always take great care to distinguish their own ideas and knowledge from information derived from sources. The term “sources” includes not only published primary and secondary material, but also information and opinions gained directly from other people. The responsibility for learning the proper forms of citation lies with the individual student. Quotations must be properly placed within the quotation marks and must be completely acknowledged. Whenever ideas or facts are derived from a student’s reading and research, the sources must be indicated.


A student who reiterates or draws on ideas or facts used in another paper that he or she is writing, or has written, must cite that other paper as a source.


    A computer program written to satisfy a course requirement is, like a paper, expected to be original work of the student submitting it. Copying a program from another student or any other source is a form of academic dishonesty, as is deriving a program substantially from the work of another.


    A student’s papers and other work are expected to be submitted to only one course. If the same or similar work is to be submitted to any other course the prior written permission of the instructor must be obtained. If the same of similar term, the prior written permission of all instructors involved must be obtained.