Financial Aid

The University also gives financial assistance to Filipino students who meet certain criteria. The grant covers up to 100% of tuition fees. It is renewable every year and is premised on continued financial need. It may continue up to the graduate level of any of the 5-year programs.
To qualify for financial aid, an applicant must meet the following minimum conditions:

a. Financial need, as attested to by the family’s finances
b. Academic competence: a high school average of at least 85%
c. Positive interview evaluation

The financial assistance may continue up to the graduate level of the University’s five-year programs or to the MA or MS program of a corresponding AB or BS program. However, the assistance is premised on continued financial need. In addition you must:

1. Comply with the University retention policy;
2. Maintain a continuous full-time load;
3. Hold a clean disciplinary record;
4. Not avail of a tuition fee grant from any other source; and
5. Maintain a satisfactory service record based on one’s performance evaluation in the unit to which one is assigned (as a student assistant).

If you fail to fulfill any of these conditions, you forfeit any financial assistance grant from the University. However, you may apply for renewal up to a second time at the beginning of the school year if either the need is re-established or the requirements are met.