General Weighted Average

The general weighted average (GWA) is computed on the basis of the grades (1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, and 3.50) given for all subjects completed at and/or credited by the University, including P.E., but excluding IPD, NSTP, and APEC Language courses taken in preparation for the APEC Language proficiency examination.
P.E., though not an academic subject, is included in the GWA computation, as per the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) policy.
Incomplete marks (INC) and grades for audited courses are not included in the computation.

To compute your GWA:
1. For each academic and PE subject you have completed throughout your entire stay in the University, multiply the number of credit units by the corresponding grade;
2. Add all the points and get the total; and
3. Divide this total by the total number of credit units of all the academic and PE subjects you have taken.

The GWA is used to determine your eligibility for academic recognition and honors. It is also a factor in determining your acceptance into some of the University’s graduate programs at the end of the first semester of the second year.
Take note that the GWA is computed differently from the weighted average (WA) used to determine retention in the University. Please refer to The Retention Policy