Release of Grades

Your grades are completely confidential. They are never publicly posted. They are released only through a personal transaction between you and the teacher or the Registrar. Ordinarily, grades may not be obtained by proxy. Whenever grades may be viewed electronically by the students, the University adopts strict security measures to maintain confidentiality so that only the student concerned can view his grades. You should also take precautionary measures to protect this confidentiality. The University is not liable for any breach in confidentiality caused by your negligence or consent.
Grades may now be viewed online at terminals on campus and at the UA&P website. A copy of the summary of final grades will be sent by mail to your parents or guardians. The Registrar’s Office may opt to withhold your final grades if you have not completely settled your accounts or in case certain credentials required for enrollment have not been submitted.
Consultation of grades is scheduled a week after final exams to allow you to approach your teachers individually and inquire about your academic performance.